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Why get a PIM from us?

There are many PIM platforms and providers, so why should you choose us? That's simple.

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We focus and specialise

We have been working with consumer-goods retailers, wholesalers, distributors and brands for a long time and, as a result:


  • We have designed OnePIM specifically for the sector's needs (and without any of the baggage associated with generalist solutions for everyone and anyone)

  • We will use our experiences from the sector and the previous implementation to design the best solution and launch plan for you

  • We wouldn't be learning on your payroll (or get caught by surprise) during implementation and integration

We can guarantee to launch your new product management capabilities quickly, efficiently and with minimal risks.

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We are CX experts

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Our pedigree is delivering CX solutions to enterprises, including eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Customer Identity and Access Management and Digital Asset Management platforms, CRMs, in-store applications and more. You can read more about our experiences here.


We've developed OnePIM not as a technical exercise but because our clients asked us to deliver a solution that:

  • Provides the functionality they are missing

  • Is robust and scalable as their other enterprise platforms, but

  • Is also friendly to humans and

  • Comes at a price they can afford

Our user-friendliness manifests itself in how OnePIM works and looks and in our approach to delivering solutions to our clients and keeping them happy afterwards. 

We are not afraid of complex transformation projects

Launching a PIM solution into an existing business with many enterprise systems already in place is a major digital transformation project.

There will be many challenges to deal with and many stakeholders to keep on board. 


The advantage is that with us, you won't be alone, and we will be helping you to resolve problems, not adding to them. 

We also know how to work alongside your existing partners and suppliers instead of competing with them. One reason is that OnePIM complements (and not trying to replace) what you already have; the other is that we've done it many times before and know how to collaborate effectively. 

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We deliver globally

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We are a fast-growing company with a global delivery experience and footprint. You can read more about OnePIM parent company Brighten Digital here.


We operate from our headquarters in Prague and deliver globally through teams in Central, Western and Eastern Europe, North America and Asia. 


We can also easily extend our delivery capacity or location presence through close partnership with Principal Engineering and several other global solution-delivery companies.

We have the best team

We are a team of over 70 experts in Retail, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Identity, Enterprise Integrations, Digital Marketing and Data & Insights.

We have started small but with a laser-sharp focus on enterprise clients. This means we bring the right mindset, flexibility and client focus combined with enterprise experiences. 

Over half of our consultants, architects, developers, digital experts and managers come from various enterprise backgrounds, including The Big Four management consulting firms. The rest brings the innovation mindset and spirit of young technology startups. 

We are a perfect blend. And all very nice people too.

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Best technology

We have the best technology

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We've designed OnePIM for enterprises, so we haven't built it on Open Source technologies. 


We don't have anything against Open Source and happily use it for many other applications. 


It's just that to ensure something as mission-critical as PIM is always available to you, we had to use core technologies that are:

  • Supported

  • Mature

  • Advanced

  • Robust

  • Secure 

  • Scalable

That's why we've built it on The Information Framework (formally Shared Information or SID) model and have selected Oracle for the database, Microsoft Azure for storing the assets and Elastic Search for the search. 


It was the right decision.

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