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Our services

We provide OnePIM as a full service and can support your ongoing operations as much or little as you need.

We will not send you a few helpful links to "self-implementation guides" and Youtube videos and disappear. 


Instead, we will be with you until you have embedded OnePIM fully into your business and it becomes part of your daily operations. And even then, we won't just leave you to it, but will be on hand to continuously support you as much as needed.

This means we will ...

  1. Implement OnePIM to match your needs

  2. Integrate it with your systems and data sources

  3. Onboard your teams and help them to adopt it

  4. Monitor the performance to ensure it meets the SLAs

  5. Support your teams in using OnePIM to its full potential


All this is already included in our one-off implementation and monthly licence fees, which start at €10k and €3k/pm, respectively. For more details, see Pricing.

For most of our clients, we also provide these additional services as paid extras:


  6. Optimise the efficiency of your operations 

  7. Evolve your OnePIM by customising its functionality


And finally, depending on the market and language, we can also:

  8. Manage the operations fully on your behalf


Here are more details about each service.

1. Configure

We'll start with the business and technical workshops to fully understand your current situation, processes, teams, objectives and constraints.


We will also ask many questions about your product portfolio, sales channels and suppliers.​


Based on this, we will configure OnePIM for you to demonstrate how best to structure your product and attribute hierarchy, lifecycle workflows, and how to organise your team roles and permissions. ​


Together we will fine-tune it.

Group 286-2.png

2. Integrate

Group 287-2_edited.png

When we have your instance of OnePIM ready, we'll integrate it with your business platforms, your and your suppliers' data sources, and your sales and marketing channels. 


You can read more details about what we can integrate OnePIM with and how here.


Integrating product data from your suppliers and partners can be the project's most challenging and costly phase. That is why we de-risk it by offering two options on how best to do it:

  • Your or your supplier's technical teams (who know best their systems and data) can "connect" their platforms to our standardised interfaces or import templates, or

  • Our technical team (who know best what exactly's needed and have done it before) can do it on your behalf.

Which option will be the fastest and least expensive overall depends on many factors. Most often, it's the combination of the two.


Once we have the data in, we will configure your product lifecycle workflows, management dashboards, and user permissions.

3. Adopt

This is the most crucial phase to get right; otherwise, you won't maximise the value OnePIM can bring.

We would identify the most appropriate adoption model based on your preferences, team size, structure and location. It can be anything from training your entire team on your premises to training your trainer online and everything in between. We could also train your suppliers and partners if needed.

Our trainers will train and onboard your teams directly on your OnePIM instance, data and workflows and support them until they are comfortable using it. We will also provide you with comprehensive documentation, onboarding videos and recordings of the training sessions.

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4. Monitor

Group 289-2.png

We've designed OnePIM monitoring capabilities to:

  • Detect issues which need to be dealt with, and

  • Identify actions and processes which can be optimised 


The issues can range from system problems to a few empty fields in your latest data import. In the first case, our support team will get notified immediately; in the second, you might decide whether to get notified by email or just display it on a dashboard so your team can deal with it later.


OnePIM logs and stores all automated and manual actions, allowing us to monitor and analyse how effectively you are using OnePIM and identify potential improvement areas.

5. Support

Our support package ensures that OnePIM is always healthy and your teams always happy. 


Technical support covers system maintenance, upgrades, bug fixes, and improvements. We also guarantee that OnePIM is 99.9% available and underpin all this with an SLA and money-back guarantees.

Our business-user support ensures that your team utilises OnePIM to its full potential. Your licence will also include allocated time to assist when needed, answer questions from your team, provide refresher training sessions, and regularly check in with you to ensure everything is running smoothly and you have everything you need.

Group 290-2.png
For many clients, we provide additional services supporting their business-improvement initiatives and roadmaps.

These services can be "switched on and off" quarterly.

6. Optimise

Group 291-2.png

This package helps you to optimise your in-house product management capabilities. 


We will continuously monitor and analyse your OnePIM usage and identify the areas in your data imports, workflows and processes to improve. Typically, this leads to further:

  • reducing manual inputs

  • speeding up your product updates

  • reducing data validation errors

  • improving the efficiency of onboarding your suppliers and staff

  • simplifying your data structures


... and help you to increase the scale of your operations with the same effort or operate at the same level with reduced effort and costs.

7. Evolve

The Evolution package delivers any custom functionality and platform enhancements you require. 


Typically this includes:

  • data connectors for your new suppliers or sales channels

  • rules for automatic product merges or updates unique to your business

  • special reports and dashboards


In some cases, these customisations were identified during the initial implementation phase but not essential to launch with; in others, as a result of planning your future business growth.


All these new features and enhancements will be your own. 

Group 292-2.png

8. Manage

Group 293-2.png

You can also outsource your product data management entirely to us.

We have partnered with several global BPO providers and can help you fill in the shortage in your staff numbers or language skills in most markets worldwide.

The costs, minimum team size and contract lengths depend on the size of your operation, the market and the languages required. 

Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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